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Wei Wei’s, Toledo,OH 07.21.10

Things have been BUSY, so I’m backtracking to July and going to try to “report” as much as I can remember with the help of a few photos we took along the way.

We decided one day to visit Wei Wei’s in Toledo based on a friend’s suggestion, who is conveniently a restaurant reviewer. We were pleasantly surprised by the delicious food we tasted in the middle of… Toledo, Ohio. Yeah, Toledo. Not exactly the food mecca of anything, really, but as we drove down the main boulevard looking for Wei Wei’s restaurant among run down gas stations, and boarded up vacant buildings reminiscent of downtown Detroit, Ji Hye and I got distracted at exactly the same time by a donut shop and a row of adult video stores.  I’ll let you guess who got distracted at what as we both exclaimed “DONUTS!”/”ADULT VIDEO STORE!”. We were immediately disappointed- again at exactly the same time- that they were both closed and boarded up as we pulled into a parking lot to turn around when we  drove past the restaurant.

Not to fear though, the market is saturated in a 2 mile radius of the restaurant’s location and you can get your fair share right across the street:

Like we always do, we ordered a variety of dumpling and noodle soup dishes to share and talk about while enjoying. The first dish that came out was a sze-chuan style dumpling/won-ton. These were amazingly good- the skin of the wrapper was the perfect thickness, the filling was tasty and an enjoyable proportion, and most of all the sze-chuan pepper sauce was REALLY good.  It’s hard to find an all-around good dumpling and THEN have it topped off with an amazing house-made sauce.

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