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Dim Sum at Lao Sze Chuan and Tank Noodle

We set out to eat some dim sum in Chicago’s Chinatown after a warm-up at Wow Bao.

Lao Sze Chuan had some good reviews on Yelp, but what does that mean?

Their “dim sum” menu consisted of 8-10 items that barely passed as calling the section dim sum. We ordered only from this section, and debated on going to another dim sum place but didn’t have enough time.

These were probably the best dish on the table. Chengdu dumplings with an amazing sauce, slightly spicy, not too salty. The dumplings themselves had a good texture with just enough juice inside. The filling wasn’t anything special.

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Yes, this is what I call research

So this past weekend Kristen and I visited Chicago for a little “research”.  We visited several noodle shops and ate lots of food, good and mediocre.  Yes, I’m calling in research.  I can also go with “bench marking”.  Pick your semi-business sounding word and that’s most likely what we did.

Over the course of 2 days, we visited Urban Belly, Tank Noodles, Takashi, Lao Sze Chuan, Katy’s Dumplings, Be Le Bakery among others, so expect future posts on those visits.  However for now, I want to talk about my visit to Avec after Kristen left the windy city a little early.  I know, Avec is not a noodle shop, obviously, but how Avec is organized spatially is smart.  We can use smart.

See how the restaurant is maximizing the whole space for sitting?  How all the lines are kept very simple and focused so the space is very clean?  Let’s see some more.  (I apologize for the less than ideal quality of iPhone pictures.)

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