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Practice Dinner- pork

Ji Hye and I held our first practice dinner with 20 people for the first time at the studio. It definitely could’ve been a lot more organized, but that’s why we practice.


Pork Ramen with Pork Shoulder

Steamed buns with pork belly

Sticky Rice with Shiitake Mushrooms and pork shoulder

Scallion Pancakes

Tea soaked eggs

(more photos to come)

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The usual Friday dinner and satisfaction according to Ferran Adria

6-hour pork shoulder roast with palm sugar crust

Korean short ribs marinated in soy sauce, honey and pear purée

Ginger scallion sauce, ssam jang, gochu jang to dip

Korean perilla leaves and red leaf lettuce to wrap

Various kimchi and other pickled veggies

Lots and lots of soju and beer

…oookay, this is not exactly the usual Friday dinner every week, but this is the usual party food at my place.

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