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Windsor, Ontario, Canada 08.08.10

I have fond memories in high school of hi-jacking my circle of friends and crossing the border to Canada where the drinking age is 19. We didn’t go to drink though, we went to eat dim sum at Wah Court.

I dragged a paranoid Ji-Hye across the border with every personal identification document in hand, into a foreign country where our iphone service- namely our GPS/Restaurant searching capabilities were halted at the Ambassador Bridge. Yeah, we kind of forgot about that, and didn’t bring good old-fashioned paper maps or pre-map-quested out directions. We pretty much winged it after the bridge.

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Dim Sum at Lao Sze Chuan and Tank Noodle

We set out to eat some dim sum in Chicago’s Chinatown after a warm-up at Wow Bao.

Lao Sze Chuan had some good reviews on Yelp, but what does that mean?

Their “dim sum” menu consisted of 8-10 items that barely passed as calling the section dim sum. We ordered only from this section, and debated on going to another dim sum place but didn’t have enough time.

These were probably the best dish on the table. Chengdu dumplings with an amazing sauce, slightly spicy, not too salty. The dumplings themselves had a good texture with just enough juice inside. The filling wasn’t anything special.

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