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Gegenbauer Paprika Vinegar

So, I work at Zingerman’s, also known as “so much more than just a deli or a mail order”.  I’ve checked out many a gourmet retail shops I’d rather not list and I can honestly say that we have the most thoughtful selection.  Cheese, oil, vinegar or jams, our selection is vast yet cohesive, choosy with clear standards.  But enough bragging, I want to talk vinegar.


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American made artisanal soy sauce, really? Really!


Making soy sauce at home is a long drawn out process. I should know–my grandmother hung homemade soy blocks for fermenting from her ceiling facing the courtyard in her old house and she and my mother made miso and soy sauce from scratch. The whole process takes from winter to spring but it sure did taste good.

But I am an American grown daughter. I have not used a homemade soy sauce since childhood. And with soy beans being one of the most genetically modified crops here, I would not even know where to buy high quality soy beans, the most fundamental ingredient. For convenience sake, I had mostly been using a store bought soy sauce from a Japanese corporation that shall remain nameless. Like most grocery-bought soy sauces out there, it tastes like dark salt water and not even great tasting salt water at that. Walking into an Asian grocery store to find a good bottle of soy sauce when you do not speak a common language can be intimidating, too.

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