Man tou

Man Tou (pronounced mahn toe), is the steamed bread used for many dumplings, buns, and in dim sum. Sometimes the dough is steamed by itself and is a good winter breakfast snack to warm up. It’s slightly sweet, light, and puffy- the same dough used for pork buns.

I bought these frozen since I have yet to master the dough recipe, but since I didn’t have any more pork bun dough, and I had some left over pork belly from the presentation, I just steamed some man tou dough, cut it in half, and stuffed it with pork belly, and some pickled cucumbers that my mom made from my aunt’s recipe in Taiwan.

steamed man tou

Partly because of my hunger and laziness, I decided to just steam the left over pork, and it actually worked out quite well.

pickled cucumbers. This is from a family recipe and is more Taiwanese style than something you might expect from a Korean recipe since a lot of good pickling/fermenting recipes are Korean. There’s is just as much of a sugar presence than salt, if not more. There’s also garlic, and spicy peppers (the red, chinese version of a jalapeno). Since we couldn’t readily find that pepper here, we substituted jalapenos. These aren’t meant to sit around and ferment, although fermenting wouldn’t necessarily make it bad, just a different taste. These are best eaten within 3-4 days.

my hamburger creation… note, this will not be on the menu. It’s a result of what was left in my fridge + laziness + hunger pangs.


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