I first seriously thought about opening a noodle shop in 2006 after I decided working in the architecture field was NOT for me. Everyone returns to the deli at least once after leaving. It’s true.

The previous posts are from my first “blog” that wasn’t published, and I kept it as a food journal from visiting restaurants in different cities. After early 2007, life kind of happened, and the idea was set on the back burner. Things settled down a bit at the end of 2009, I started talking, cooking, and bouncing ideas off of Ji Hye, who also works at the deli, and we realized we make a kick-ass team and have the same set of ideas, business philosophies, similar palettes, and the strong motivation to do this restaurant.

Things have taken off since, and are moving really quickly. We’re both really excited, and I thought I’d transfer my blog postings from 2006-2008 for a little background, context, and pictures of pretty food. I put them in chronological order so they precede our most recent posts.


1 Response to “2006-2010”

  1. April 10, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    yay for blogging! ann arbor is totally in need of a nice authentic noodle shop so i am glad that you are bringing it to them!! maybe it’ll be my reason to go back and visit my lovely hometown (and you guys of course) more often! i can’t wait to see all of the menu items you will have in store for us! good luck with your timeline and i hope you can reach your milestone goals! =) mmmmmm, i think i’m going to go get some pho now… (since there isn’t a really good authentic taiwanese noodle place in kansas city)!


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