Corny jokes + pretty food pictures = fun presentation

Today our Noodle Shop had a business presentation and served pork buns for people.  Kristen and I had so much fun presenting and lucky for us people laughed at our corny jokes.  Just in case people didn’t laugh at corny jokes, as people tend to do at times since it’s corny, we also tried to distract them with pretty food pictures.  BTW, the pictures are from our last test dinner and are courtesy of Lisa–a deli regular, kitchenchick blogger and Current magazine restaurant critic.

These are the same pork buns we served today.  A slab of Berkshire pork belly is dry rubbed then roasted slowly before being stuffed into a bun.  Fits in your hand!

Shall we see more pictures we presented?

Pork ramen with slow roasted pork shoulder and a slow poached egg.

Slow roasted pork shoulder before being pulled.  Those don’t look that big in this picture, but they are huge.  Just to give an idea, that is the same platter I use for my Thanksgiving turkey.

Lovely domestic goddess Katie G. from the deli generously donated her time to make home made noodles for us for ramen.

Home made scallion pancakes and hot pepper pickles.

Some more potential menu items:  sticky rice with shitake mushroom and pork shoulder, Bao Zi (that is meat dumplings with fluffy baked dough for you.)

We’ve been working on more exposure to showcase our food.  This was the latest event.  (Click for a bigger picture.)

We were invited to serve our pork buns at T.R.’s private whiskey tasting recently and this is the menu for it.  Just in case you didn’t see it the first time you looked at it, our food is circled with badly drawn hearts on it.

We also gave out two tickets to our test dinners and we will keep you posted as soon as we figure out the details.  Thank you all!  (And special thanks to Somie and Heli for helping us out today, as well as Sarah who helped us out even when she had her Tunisian food to showcase too.  Thank you!)

-Ji Hye


1 Response to “Corny jokes + pretty food pictures = fun presentation”

  1. April 10, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    yes, yes, yes, and yes! you need to have all these items on the menu… especially the pork buns, ramen and scallion pancakes, yum!

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