Wow Bao

How can you go wrong with Hot Asian Buns?!

Wow Bao is a trendy, urban fast food joint in The Loop of Chicago. The menu is small, simple, and approachable.  We stopped in before we hit dim sum in Chinatown.

We were the first ones to arrive, making amateur photoshooting easier. The line from the door leads up to the register where you place your order. Walk past the glassed-in steamers and pick your order up, just as fast as it sounds.

pork and cabbage potstickers:

average, but great considering it’s suppose to be fast food.

thai curry chicken bao

These buns are called bao zi in Chinese, hence “wow bao”.  Not my favorite, but good. The curry could’ve been stronger with more chicken.

curry bao on the left, bbq pork bao on the right

I probably liked the bbq pork bun on the right more because it’s what I think of when I want a traditional bbq pork bun.  The skin wasn’t sticky/soggy, which happens when it’s over steamed, but not sure if it would’ve been the same if we went later in the day. The bbq pork was a bit too sweet, but the bun was perfect. Again, overall average, but great for what it is.

They gave us a free coconut custard bao for being the first customers.  I had reservations, but it was really good.  The custard wasn’t too sweet, and the toasted coconut flakes lent a crunchy texture. I wish I had one right now.

Where the steaming happens… In the back it looks like they have everything prepped in the metal steamer layers to be able to just throw on when needed.


ikea infused baos?


1 Response to “Wow Bao”

  1. April 10, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    what i love most about wow bao is that it is quick, efficient and delicious! i can just go in, order a pack of 6 and be out the door in a few minutes! i definitely think you should have some quicker “to-go” items in your noodle shop! =)

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