Dumplings, dumplings

Every January and February, I sit down and make big batches of dumplings.

Not that they are not any good other times of the year but the beginning of the year I especially crave dumplings.  I have very fond memories of making dumplings with the whole family, every New Year’s celebration: everyone sitting around a large table, talking and laughing, with every surface of the house covered with trays of dumplings.  We would make hundreds of them, eating plates and plates of dumplings as we are making more of them.  It’s not that hard, I can make 50 in about 15 minutes once the filling and the wraps are made.

All those dumplings and laughter made all us forget petty things.  Like how I always had deep suspicion that my mother and grandfather preferred my brother because he is a boy, that we weren’t rich and my parents occasionally bickered about money, that my mother and her sister-in-laws were mortal enemies (okay, I exaggerated just a little there).  It was good times.

I don’t have an extended family in the States but I still enjoy making the dumplings.  A few weeks ago I have some friends over, my version of an extended family here, and made some.  One of those friends, unique and wonderful Corinna Borden wrote about it in a local blog with some nice pictures and a video.  You can read it by clicking here.  And yes, I am the Korean friend.


1 Response to “Dumplings, dumplings”

  1. February 8, 2010 at 4:25 am

    You ARE the Korean friend! yippie!

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