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Past Ramen Dinners

The first thing Ji Hye and I are trying to master, is figuring out how to cook everything and building strong recipe foundations. With the help of various cookbooks, experiments, and feedback from friends & coworkers, we’re trying to make the best tasting food possible. Our best description is to use traditional recipes, with the freshest, best ingredients. Obviously, we can’t get the same ingredients here than in Asia, and we’re focused on using as much local raw ingredients as possible, so the food won’t taste like street food in Asia, but different -in a good way- with high quality ingredients.

The first couple of experimental dinners went well. We relied heavily on the Momofuku cookbook for a starting point that was recently published, but are changing the recipes.

Photos from various iphones.

Raw ingredients: fresh bean sprouts, carrots, pickled fern, firm tofu