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Chicago 2007 Fancy Food Show- sorta

Speaking of fancy, I got completely side tracked from the Fancy Food Show in Chicago this weekend and… didn’t attend at all. It didn’t help that I blindly trusted a coworker’s dates (who didn’t end up coming) and bought my train tickets without double checking that the actual SHOW didn’t start until Sunday evening, and it was only seminars starting Saturday. I was hurled into a noodle tangent as soon as I stepped off the train anyway.

As soon as I arrived, my now-Chicago-familiar friend (fully aware of my plans for world domination) suggested we eat at a restaurant downtown called Joy Yee’s Noodles. Excellent, a coworker suggested I eat there claiming it had the “best customer service I have ever seen at an Asian restaurant”. Good thing I didn’t believe him, because after waiting 10 minute before even being greeted at our table (which felt like I was sitting in a warehouse), wait staff would sprint by, throwing our appetizers and drinks on the table without skipping a step. When we tried to grab one to ask where our other 2 entrees were after the first was delivered under 5 minutes after it was ordered, the guy held up his finger when I was mid-sentence, and ran off. In the span of a half-hour, our three entrees were delivered one by one. The noodle soup was nothing special, something I would probably find in a Chinatown. The broth wasn’t very flavorful, and the noodles tasted starchy, but nothing horrible. (just not Momofuku!). They had an impressively large menu (both in size and quantity). I could barely hold this 12″x18″ book of a menu full of pictures, and then text descriptions. Their huge bubble tea/milk shake booth that was working none stop churning out jumbo sized green tea milk shakes, fruit smoothies, etc. (inevitably, that was the best part of the restaurant) .

Next on my list was Noodles by Takashi Yagihashi.
This destination was turning into my priority after learning Takashi was a guest speaker at the Traverse City Epicurean and was named best chef of 2000 in the midwest, blah blah… Also a previous zcobber (Brandon Mccall at Everyday Food) suggested I check him out since it was relatively new. I started to get suspicious when I found out it was on the 7th floor of a Macy’s department store downtown. Indeed, it is a counter in a food court at Macy’s.