NYC 2007 visit #2

Dim Sum at Mandarin Court
Ten Ren tea house
Fay da Bakery
ItoEn teahouse
Saam with David Chang
Fay da Bakery

Momofuku (old location before Ko)

steamed pork buns (pork belly, hoisin sauce, japanese cucumbers, steamed bun)
Pork Ramen (ramen noodles, pulled pork shoulder, fatty pork belly, poached egg, scallions, fish cakes, mustard green (?), seaweed)
Pulled pork shoulder
pork belly and poached egg

Old Momofuku noodle bar

Momofuku Saam bar
Fay de Bakery. You’re not allowed to get the buns, they get it for you on a tray, then you pay for everything on the tray.
BBQ chickens and ducks. Looks disgusting, but is fully of flavorful fatty deliciousness. Displayed like this in the front window in Chinatowns everywhere.
A cat guarding a Chinese spice shop
Ten Ren Tea shop
Ten Ren Tea urns
Ito En Tea shop

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