NYC 2006. Eat ‘Em Up, Tigers

Honestly, we didn’t wake up until about 2pm from all the excitement the night before. Food is first on the mind after waking from a deep slumber. We headed over to one of the cheapest asian restaurants in Chinatown, Ho ky. Mark, Ting, Louis, and I started off with a plate of marinated country-style duck. Not the best I’ve had, but it was the cheapest place in town. The place was pretty filthy and I was a little hestitant to put anything in my mouth. We sanitized our utensils with vinegar that was on the table. The waitstaff was bothersome and grumpy. I hate to say it, but 90% of the first generation asian immigrants that serve me at restaurants have horrible customer service. It could be a clash of cultures, or maybe they’re all just working their asses off to break even in life. Either way, I usually get either extremes- a splendidly nice server who usually is the owner who comes to talk to me and is extremely friendly and open, or the grumpy server who throws the plate of food down, doesn’t care if the order is right- especially if you don’t speak chinese to them and even then it’s fewest words possible, and you never see them again until the bill comes.

I ordered wonton ramen soup. The noodles were probably the thinnest ramen I’ve ever seen and all the food seemed to have a Vietnamese influence. The broth was oily- like it had been made with oil packets from instant ramen packages and didn’t have much taste. The wontons were pretty good, but there were only 5, and I hate having a small handful of something. It doesn’t seem right to only give 5 wontons when it’s in the title of the soup. Wonton soup should be chok full of wontons. Louis got a chinese beef stew which is good as a soup or with rice and is a very heavy meal. It’s appearance resembles pot roast with carrots and potatoes and a dark gravy-like sauce. It also had thick white rice noodles- which looked like pho noodles.

Mark ate beef ramen. It looked pretty good, but I have a thing about eating beef, pork, and fish in restaurants that don’t impress me with their cleaniness. This restaurant was cheap, served good quantities, but you definitely get what you pay for. After a night of drinking, this was probably the best thing.

We wandered over to the Park Avenue Country Club- a UofM alumni bar. Erica and Lisa were nice enough to reserve a table for all of us and we caught the end of the Detroit Tigers winning against the Oakland Athletics in the last game of the series to qualify them for the world series. Right in time to see the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and Magglio Ordonez hitting a home run. Picturesque- straight from a movie. UofM’s football team went on to beat Penn State, which sealed the night. We wandered over to a bar called Opal to meet some of Lisa’s friends, but didn’t stay long and had a quiet night at Ting’s apartment.

Mark’s beef ramen

Louis’ beef stew with rice noodles

Wonton noodle soup

Park Ave Country Club: Alumni bar (it was PACKED!) and someone had a cowbell.

Really cool asian lantern-like lights at Opal


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